Thursday, December 27, 2012

black black black

Today is the day I leave, and I'm thoroughly depressed about it. I'm running around packing up my suitcases (I have three) with clothes that I'm not even sure I want anymore (I have a hundred) and several pairs of heels that have become dusty over the months. I really have no desire to return to winter, especially since I've been avoiding it for the past five years with carefully calculated 4-month-long visits either to California or India, where the sun is present and temperatures don't fall below 14 degrees (which is cold enough for me, thank you). But what has to be done has to be done - unless I very slyly set our alarm clocks back by four hours. 


  1. amazing dress!!

    Greetings from Poland


  2. thats a stunning dress! lovely blog xx

    - Natalie




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