Friday, February 8, 2013

so i disappeared

Classes have been in progress for at least 2 weeks now and in case you didn't know or I totally forgot to mention it, I'm doing a dual degree in Interdisciplinary Science and Fashion at Parsons. Commuting up to 14th street (I live close to Wall St) requires a MetroCard, which I'm happy to announce I'm actually acquiring a taste for. Sure, the subway system is pitifully inadequate in a few categories when compared to a place like Singapore, with their glass enclosed platforms to prevent accidental (or intentional) falling of onto the tracks (I mean, there is a poster in almost every train flashing text on how 200+ people fell onto the tracks in 2011, out of which 47 died). And okay, the hordes of early morning commuters do make carrying an 18 by 24 inch bristol pad feel like a wade through a pool of sharks determined to quarter your life-or-death project. And in general, the Union Square station must be avoided, even if it means trotting down three extra blocks to a smaller station. But aside from all that, it's been a breeze, and at least I'm reducing my carbon footprint by resisting the temptation to hail a cab everyday.

Thus far, I remain impervious to the infectious bubble of rude indifference that emanates from the general population of New Yorkers, but here's hoping that changes and I become just as aggressive about a simple thing like stepping into the subway train first (which does require many shoves and much elbowing). Until that wonderful moment arrives, I can look forward to attending my non-cancelled class in the blizzard that is threatening to down trees and blow people away with gusts of 45 mph. I really do love sarcasm ... who invented it?

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  1. a dual degree?? wow such patience you have! ow well hope you take good care of yourself on your daily commute. btw you look fabulous in your photos!




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