Wednesday, May 22, 2013

asos + unidays

asos ankle strap pumps in cream

asos ankle strap pumps in black

When I first came across ASOS, I was overwhelmed by the amount of things they offered - rather like that feeling you get when you are starving and peruse a menu and feel absolutely certain that not only do you want every dish offered, but that you could easily consume them, too. So with the introduction of UNiDAYS, which offers discounts to college students, I came to the self-satisfying conclusion to purchase the items that I absolutely love without reservation (returns are free after all and weirdly efficient). How do I judge which items deserve this speedy disposition? Well, I imagine navigating to my Saved Items section and seeing the red strip that says "Out of Stock." If I suddenly feel nauseous and the world seems to be shrinking, then I know I've developed an uncanny attachment to an accessory.

A sad (or not so sad) truth is that there is no "well-dressed" without "well-heeled." Indeed, I could churn out and dawn the loveliest dresses, but if I paired them with a bunch of dilapidated rubber galoshes, I might as well toss out my sewing machine and relocate to the swamps. This is why, ASOS, thus far, has been my greatest discovery (next to insomnia cookies and the reversible zipper). These ankle-strap pumps have become my favored pair of shoes for the summer - so favored, in fact, that I purchased them in all available colors (with the student discount, of course). 

I had been a woeful observer of UNiDAYS during my days living in Warsaw. So when they arrived in the US around the same time I returned and I could fork over my Parsons email ID for the 10% discount, I was smugly pleased. Now excuse me while I stalk my email for their next 25% off promotion - I have my eye on a pair of sweet sandals.


  1. love the look !! so chic

  2. I'm loving your photos dear!


  3. omg I felt the same why when I first came across ASOS. love the outfits by the way


  4. Love the looks!! Love how its very vintage style!! Adorable


    xx, The Golden Girls




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