Saturday, September 28, 2013

two months past

Here's news worthy of a two months gap in blogging: I'm sleepy.

Just kidding. Sort of. So where I last left off - amidst the sad throes of summer classes - I have made a few stops around the globe, namely Germany and Poland (yay). Yes returning to Warsaw was like a self-inflicted method of torture during which I was fairly certain I was not boarding my flight back to JFK, but alas, student duties call. 

Speaking of school, I'm back at it (going in to the 6th week now) and am woefully counting down the days until November, even though that means temperatures will drop below 50 (shudder). But I do recall a friend of mine from Kuala Lumpur who claimed that because KL largely remained the same temperature throughout the year, there was this sense of stopped time, which, according to him, resulted in this idea that things could wait, a kind of never-ending procrastination. Well, they do say cold months are the most productive. 




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